07.03.2019 @ Triomphe Building, Brussels

During this master class, we will look at our future work and life. How will smart buildings foster connectivity and efficiency? To what extent will tech companies disrupt the real estate world? And what will be the implications for the way we work and live in the city?



Emilie Delacroix (Befimmo)

Flexible office revolution


Michael Ryckewaert (VUB)

Affordable housing


Marc Numann (Newman in Town)

Finally, disruption is here


David Donkers (Dago)

Enabling Smart Buildings by Connecting the Unconnected 





On 24 May, almost one year after the GDPR took effect, the Smart Cities Chair and the Chair on Data Protection On The Ground co-organized a roundtable discussion on the protection of personal data in smart city projects. 16 representatives of smart cities, civil society, consultancy and a regulator discussed the most pressing challenges and solutions, prompted by our policy brief. You can download the policy brief here and your comments are still welcome. 


Data Protection On the Ground

Roundtable report: data protection in smart cities


12.06.2019 @ Mechelen


Click here for more information about the program and to see the presenations.



In collaboration with Leuven MindGate & imec.





24.09.2019 @ SMIT, Brussels

Citizens are increasingly making use of today's information and communication technologies to stay connected to their local community. They use social networking tools like Hoplr, and some are even part of their own neighbourhoodcrime prevention group on Whatsapp. 


How are these networks a new way of civic participation and which challenges do they bring along? How can city administrations, and other stakeholders, enhance the value of these networks and what is the role for the citizen? What when it goes wrong and what about privacy issues? But eventually, do we really need all these technologies?


During this master class, the results of the Smart City Meter 2019 will be announced. The Smart City Meter is a survey among 2000 Flemish and Brussels citizens about their opinion on smart cities. This survey aims to help cities, municipalities and companies to develop a smart city tailored to the citizens.






Pieter Ballon, holder of the Smart Cities Chair
Smart City Meter 2019


Anouk Mols, Erasmus University Rotterdam 

When citizens are actually doing police work


Jennick Scheerlinck, Founder, CEO Hoplr
Keeping up with your neighbourhood


Gert Eeraerts, Director Samen Leven Stad Mechelen
Informal information networks in Mechelen

Carina Veeckman, imec-SMIT-VUB
Brussels by us






13:30 Registration

14:00 Start event, End 17:00

  • DiSSeCt: context, challenges and designed algorithms, methodologies and software solutions

  • Demonstration of 3 PoC demonstrators for eHealth & Smart Mobility 

  • Panel discussion: How can Big Data & AI support cross-organizational collaboration in a smart city?


5.12.2019 @ SMIT, Brussels

Nowadays there is a lot of data collection going on in and around the city. Some of this data gets visualized in dashboards and helps city administrators (and other stakeholders) in their decision-making processes. But are we taking full advantage of urban data? 

This master class focusses on the transition from data collection to data-driven decision making. We discuss some of the challenges that come along with this process and invite four experts to share their approaches to deal with them. Their insights will help us to go beyond the mere visualization of data in a dashboard and actually think of strategies to improve data-driven decision-making processes in the urban context.


Jan Sonck, Proximus

Insights at your fingertips

Nils Walravens, imec-SMIT, VUB

Drukte in de stad 

Maarten Decramer, Wisely

Smart city management

Ruben D'Hauwers, imec-SMIT, VUB

Smart Retail Dashboard

VUB AI Xperience Center 





22.10.2019 @ De Krook, Ghent

Technologies play an increasingly important role as enablers for a healthy citizen lifestyle. They are used for collecting, sharing and analyzing relevant healthcare data and the identification of significant events. The diversity of data floating around allows the provision of a more continuous spectrum of care services and well-being. However, some challenges still remain: How can data be securely disclosed and shared across organizations? What type of actors need to take part in this transformation? And how are citizens empowered in this process?

This event is organized in collaboration with the VLAIO SBO project DiSSeCt and its partners.