Wednesday June 12, 2019  

3.30 pm - 8.00 pm


Minnebroederskerk, Mechelen

How will data and technology affect not only urban infrastructure

but also our urban experience?


The growing potential of technology in cities is allowing for the development of so-called smart cities. Think things like traffic flow optimization or continuous monitoring of air quality.

We want to know, though, what transformations will cities themselves undergo as things evolve?


What will happen to public space as we know it today?


During this seminar, six experts explain how they see cities changing from their domain. It appears that this transformation goes far beyond what people might have expected.





Bart Somers, Mayor of Mechelen

Welcome in Mechelen


Johan Merlevede, Leuven MindGate



Pieter Ballon, VUB Smart Cities Chair

Transformation of the City | new book


John Baekelmans, imec

The need for open cities supported through architectures


Shenja van der Graaf, imec-SMIT-VUB

A long view at data citizens: making and doing data in the city

Mikael Grannas, Mayor of Sipoo (Finland)

Internal reorganization and digital processes in the city

Piero Pelizzaro, Chief Resilience Officer Milan Municipality

Milan 2030: a smart, green and resilient city

Leo Van Broeck, Vlaams Bouwmeester

Transformation of urban space

Closing debate

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